Former Group Members

Former Master Students


Martina Koppitz: "Nucleosynthetic yields of population III core-collaps supernovae", 2022 (

Anna Schrenk: "The evolution of atomically-cooled primordial halos", 2022 (

Alice Schimek: "The origin of gas-phase metallicity gradients of massive galaxies in cosmological simulations", 2021 (

Christopher Schurz: "Morphological analysis of the  Abell 901/902 cluster system", 2021 (

Nikolaus Sulzenauer: "Lensed submm galaxies in the early universe", 2020 (

Jan Florian: "A comparison of velocity fields of the warm ionized gas in massive elliptical galaxies in CALIFA and cosmological zoom-in simulation", 2018 (

Former PhD Students


Boris Deshev

Lucas Ellmeier

José Manuel Pérez: "Galaxy evolution in the clusters RXJ1347-1145, CL1604+4304 and XMMUJ2235-2557 at 0.5 < z < 1.5", 2019 (

Ulrike Kuchner: "The properties of galaxies in clusters in the middle-aged universe", 2017 (