Miguel Verdugo (Post-doc)

Dr. Miguel Verdugo

Research Interests

My research is mainly focused in studying galaxy properties and evolution in cluster of galaxies to understand the different processes that lead to the formation of the particular galaxy population that we see in today’s clusters. I’m looking at the photometric, spectroscopic, morphological and dynamical signatures that these processes may imprint in the galaxies with the aim of disentangling competing mechanisms.

I’m leading an extensive spectroscopic campaign on the large scales structures around a very massive redshift cluster at redshift z~0.5 to study the dynamics of the large scale structure and its influence on the transformation of galaxies during the infall towards the central cluster.

I’m also involved in the X-ray Distant Cluster Project, a medium-sized collaboration that has led to the discovery of more than 40 distant (z>0.8) X-ray selected clusters with extensive spectroscopic follow-up. I aim to study the galaxy populations in a subset of these clusters using Spitzer space infrared imaging together with ground based imaging and spectroscopy.

Curriculum Vitae

1995 – 2001: Physics Diploma at the Catholic University of Chile
2002 – 2003: Research Assistant at Cerro Tololo Interamerican Observatory and ESO-Chile
2004 – 2008: PhD at University Göttingen
2009 – 2011: Postdoc at Max-Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics