Asmus Böhm (University Assistant)

Dr. rer. nat. Asmus Böhm

Research Interests

Dr. Asmus Boehm

An important tool in my research are so-called scaling relations that link fundamental galaxy parameters. For disk galaxies like our own Milky Way, two prominent examples are the correlation between the maximum rotation velocity (Vmax) and the luminosity – the Tully-Fisher relation – or the correlation between Vmax and disk size – the velocity-size relation. Utilizing these scaling relations, our team has established that, at given Vmax (i.e. at given total mass), disks at redshift z=1 were 2.5 times more luminous at blue wavelengths and had only 70 percent the size of their present-day counterparts.

Another of my key interests is how the evolution of galaxies depends on their environment – they can be isolated, reside in a pair, a group or even a cluster of galaxies. Environmental dependence is also the main science driver of the STAGES and OMEGA collaborations that I am a team member of. Both projects target the Abell 901/902 cluster system at a redshift of z=0.17, two billion light years away from us.

I also am investigating the interplay between central supermassive black holes and their surrounding host galaxies. We e.g. found that, contrary to previous belief, the growth of supermassive black holes is not primarily powered by so-called major mergers (mergers of galaxies of comparable mass).

More information on my various projects can be found on my personal website.

Curriculum Vitae

• Since May 2017: University Assistant at Institute for Astrophysics Vienna
• 2009 – 2017: Research Assistant at Institute for Astro- and Particle Physics Innsbruck
• 2005 – 2009: Postdoc at Astrophysical Institute Potsdam (AIP)
• 2003 – 2005: Postdoc at University Observatory Göttingen
• 1999 – 2003: PhD at Göttingen University
• 1990 – 1999: Physics Diploma at Göttingen University