Boris Deshev

PhD Student

Research Interests

Boris Deshev

My current work in astronomy concentrates on the evolution of galaxies at low to intermediate redshifts (0.1 < z < 0.4). We investigate the processes that are responsible for the overall decrease of the star formation density in the universe and for the complete quenching of star formation in an ever increasing fraction of galaxies over this period of time (from ~4 to ~1 Gyr ago). Using optical imaging and spectroscopy, as well as radio interferometry, we have been trying to constrain the physics behind this transformation.

The environment of galaxies plays an important role for their formation and evolution, e.g. by shaping their mass function, and later on by limiting the gas supply for forming new stars. Internal processes, like AGN and star formation feedback have also been shown capable of altering the evolution of their host galaxies. In addition, the dark matter halos in which the galaxies are embedded have their own formation history which plays a role in shaping their fate. An example of this is our recent work on galaxy properties a merging cluster of galaxies, A520.

During my stay in Vienna, I am working on a project aiming at establishing the role played by group-size halos in the quenching of star formation in their member galaxies.