Bianca Iulia Ciocan

PhD Student

Field of Interests

Bianca Iulia Ciocan

For my Master thesis, in order to explore the environmental effects on gas regulation in galaxies, I have analyzed the cluster galaxies in CLASH 2248. The aims was to compute the stellar masses of these galaxies from photometric data, the gas metallicities and star formation rates from spectroscopic data. I also computed a phase-space diagram in order to distinguish between accreted and infalling objects to check for a strangulation scenario. I submitted a paper to A&A based on the main results of my thesis (arXiv:1909.07988).

My current research focuses on the investigation of galaxies located in high density environments such as clusters of intermediate to high redshifts, in terms of their star formation activity, chemical composition and kinematical properties and on potentially comparing their physical characteristics to the isolated, field population. The brightest cluster galaxies (BCGs) will also be studied more thoroughly, as they represent a special class of systems, being the most massive galaxies located at the centre of very massive dark halos surrounded by numerous satellite galaxies.

Using IFU observations, the mass growth, star formation history and chemical enrichment of cluster galaxies as well as the spatially resolved stellar and gas kinematics will be investigated in detail via flux measurements of emission and absorption lines. I am currently analysing the BCG of the cool-core CLASH cluster MACS 1931.8-2635  (z=0.3525) concerning its  star formation activity, ionisation sources, gas-phase metallicity and gas kinematics. We aim to compare the properties of the hot, ionised gas (based on VLT-MUSE data) to those of the cold, molecular gas (based on ALMA observations) within this system.