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Dec 23 2016: 1M EUR HRSM proposal granted for ELT-related projects

Dec 23 2016: Two proposals aimed to investigate the kinematics of distant galaxies were accepted. One with KMOS mounted at VLT (8h) and another with OSIRIS at GTC (14h)

Aug 31 2016: Dr. Michaela Hirschmann (10.10.-06.11.16) as guest professor

May 28 2016: Prof. Claudia Maraston (ICC Portsmouth) in Vienna as guest professor, 28.05.-29.06.2016

Apr 16 2016: CALIFA DR3: Announcement here

Apr 06 2016: Prof. Tadayuki Kodama as guest professor

Mar 16 2016: MOSAIC, the Multi-Object Spectrograph of the European Extremely Large Telescope (E-ELT): Phase A kick-off