Bianca Iulia Ciocan

Master Student

Field of interests

For my Bachelor Thesis I have conducted a spectroscopical analysis of intermediate redshift field galaxies around the CLASH cluster MACSJ0416 in order to study their (O/H) properties, star formation rates and Type-II AGN contamination in comparison to the cluster members. We concluded that field and cluster galaxies have similar properties and that the star forming galaxies follow the ‘Fundamental Metallicity Relation’ if expressed in terms of the ‘bathtub’ model of Lilly et al. (2013).

In order to further explore the environmental effects on gas regulation in galaxies, I will be analyzing the CLASH 2248 cluster members for my Master Thesis. The aims will be to compute the stellar masses of these galaxies from photometric data, the gas metallicities and star formation rates from spectroscopic data. I will also be computing a phase-space diagram in order to distinguish between accreted and infalling objects to check for a strangulation scenario.