Jan Florian

Master Student

Field of Interests

Jan Florian

My main interests are the structure and kinematics of galaxies and how they are influenced by mechanisms such as AGN feedback, both in observations and simulations. AGN feedback can have a number of effects on the host galaxy, such as converting it from a fast to a slow rotator (according to our own simulations). Advances in observational techniques allow us to better constrain our theoretical models, and advances in simulations allow us to test the accuracy of our theories and, in turn, generate predictions that observations either confirm or falsify. This interplay of simulation and observation will only become more intriguing as our knowledge of each field grows.

Master Thesis

I am comparing the velocity fields of the warm, ionized gas in massive early-type galaxies both from CALIFA data and from cosmological zoom-in simulations. In the simulations, I am examining the effects of AGN feedback on the galaxies based on, among other things, the presence or absence of features such as polar rings or central gaps in the warm gas and the behavior of the gas component compared to the stellar component. I am similarly examining the CALIFA data in order to analyze both the effects of feedback and the accuracy of the simulations. I am using techniques such as kinemetry to quantitatively compare and contrast the observational and simulations data.